Access Control

Take control and remember to work through the 3 w’s: Who, Where and When someone has access.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Government

Buffalo Security offers a complete range of Access control solutions for all types of needs, from a simple domestic home or commercial job all the way up to a Government organisation project.

Buffalo Security worked on custom solutions for high-end home projects to create a unique entry access to the home, wine cellar, hidden rooms or cigar and whisky room.

Some of our other work entails placing major security infrastructure into schools, electrical power stations, and many other commercial works.


Benefits of access control and solutions we can help with:

  • Customised to how you use your home or business day-to-day for ease of use
  • Silicone wristbands – Perfect for the people who love to go swimming, riding, dog walking, surfing, or jogging without having to worry about your keys
  • Never be locked out again
  • Stop young kids locking you or grandparents out of the home
  • Keep track of access (Monitored Access)
  • Taking control of Who, Where and When someone has access
  • Something cool and different the Neighbours don’t have (The Wow Factor)
  • Clean looking entry (no handles or locks seen)
  • Extra security
  • Children’s access without keys that can be lost or stolen from them at school or out and about
  • Security without feeling like you’re in prison
  • Car, truck and bike control
  • Holiday or letting properties solutions (Airbnb, Stays, or any other leased property)
  • Remote opening/control for multiple sites from anywhere in the world
  • Can be integrated with alarm and CCTV

Buffalo Security has some really great Access control options these days for your standard house or unit to work in well with you every day.

  • Pin/password keypads
  • Biometric (fingerprint) access
  • Swipe cards/ proximity cards
  • Key tags or fobs
  • Silicone wristbands (perfect for the active person)
  • Bluetooth
  • Electric strikes, magnetic locks, electric locks
  • Remote control access

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