CCTV camera system is a critical element to identify breach of security in your property. Whether it’s your house or company, our advanced CCTV camera systems are a perfect match to help you meet your home or commercial security needs in Sydney.

Buffalo Security offers a complete range of CCTV solutions for all types of needs, whether you want to install CCTV camera system in a single building or multi-site complex.

Our dedicated security experts would be more than happy to assist you in projects of any scale.

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Benefits of CCTV Camera Systems:

  • Monitoring staff activity in the workplace
  • General Security
  • Property Monitoring
  • Reduce Theft
  • View your cameras remotely from anywhere in the world by using your Smart Phone, Tablet or PC
  • Security of cars, motorbikes and other property
  • Monitoring workplace safety
  • Vehicle control
  • Personal safety and security
  • Identifying issues or security risks
  • See who’s outside the home without answering the door
  • Keeping track of stock, tools and equipment
  • Checking on loved ones, pets, or aged care
  • Confirming an alarm event – if your alarm goes off you can check in
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Monitoring machinery efficiency or functions

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Our experts can seamlessly integrate CCTV camera systems with other security components to provide 24/7 monitoring to your property. Let us know if you need extended services from our proficient installation team.

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